cinematic wedding films our package includes

Heaton House Wedding Video



Full Day Coverage

From Bridal preparations through to the evening event, we capture your entire story.

Two Cameramen

Two cameramen using the latest Sony cameras, stabiliser rigs and more to perfectly capture your day.

Drone Videography

Capture your wedding, from the sky.

Professional Microphones

When you say your vows, we’ll be there to record them.


Wedding Trailer

Think movie trailer, featuring your wedding! This 3-5 minute film includes highlights from your wedding, voiceovers and licensed music to capture the atmosphere and emotion of your day. Great for sharing online.

Directors Cut

A cinematic edit which distils the best parts of your day into a short film, capturing your story perfectly. We include your vows, highlights from your speeches and stand out moments from your day to create a film you’ll love to watch without skipping a beat.

Ceremony, in full 

Your ceremony, in full. We capture with multiple angles and use professional microphones to record your vows.

Speeches, in full

All speeches from your day, recorded with multiple angles and professional microphones.


  • In short, yes. We have microphones, backup microphones and redundancies to guarantee we capture your vows and speeches. We have two cameramen at every wedding but during the ceremony and speeches we also use a third, static camera to capture an extra angle.

  • Wedding days are amazing occasions but sometimes the format and order of your day doesn’t tell the story on film as effectively as a more creative edit could. Look at films in the cinema; directors weave scenes together in an order which tells a story in the most effective way, not always in a strict timeline as things happen. That’s the approach we’d take with your directors cut.

    We start by taking your vows, exchange of rings and highlights of the speeches, these are the main parts of your day. Once we have these we weave in shots taken throughout your day, from preparations through to your evening celebrations. The result is a film which captures the atmosphere and emotions of your wedding day.

  • We aim for a film that tells your story in an engaging and exciting way. We want to create a film you will love to watch, share with your friends and family and never feel like you need to reach for fast forward. 

    To put this into perspective, look at feature length films in the cinema – they take years to create with months of solid filming. When you consider that 20/30 minutes sounds about right, right?

    You also get your ceremony and speeches in full as separate videos for the evenings you feel like binge watching with a glass or two!

  • Yes, we take highlights from your ceremony and speeches to help tell your story in your Wedding Trailer. Think of a trailer in the movies, that’s what we’re aiming for!

  • We use professional licensed music in our films so when they’re uploaded to Facebook or YouTube the powers the be aren’t taking them down over copyright claims! We talk to our couples to understand their music tastes and incorporate that into the editing process when selecting tracks.

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