Manchester Monastery Wedding Video

Manchester Monastery Wedding Video – 19th-century former Franciscan friary in Gorton, Manchester.

The first thing you notice about The Monastery is the sheer scale of it. The main room where you will spend the majority of your wedding day is spectacular. High vaulted ceilings and long lines of pillars lead you to the amazing alter, where you will say your vows.

The Franciscans who used to call the Monastery their home first came to Gorton in 1861. Unfortunately the Monastery was abandoned and left in need of extensive repairs after the congregation moved away in the 1970s. Thankfully, a team of volunteers came forward and embarked on a restoration project that took two decades. The Monastery we have today is an amazing achievement and one of the most beautiful venues in the area.

The Monastery is one of those incredibly convenient venues that can host your entire day. Theres something easy about having your ceremony and reception in one place, with no need to figure out the logistics of moving all your guests from one place to another. This venue is also one of the few that can handle any number of guests, from intimate weddings though to enormous gatherings.

From a photo and video point of view this venue is amazing. The character of the building makes for interesting shots wherever you look. We love exploring the hallways, the inner courtyard and making the most of the main room.

Check out our first ever Manchester Monastery Wedding Video below, it’s still one of our favourites.